DISRUPTION is about disturbing, or interrupting, an event or process; and that is exactly what we plan to do at TEDxManukau 2017.

Those of us who live, love and work in South Auckland know that the real stories here are those of wonderful, everyday people doing extraordinary things – inventing, performing, thinking, studying, playing and caring. It is a community of exceptional love, talent and ability; and one with a proud sense of identity shaped by culture, family and faith.

But these stories, the ones that truly exemplify the South Auckland community, are only known to the small groups of people who are immediately connected to them. They are so often drowned out by the weight of those that get played out in the media; the portrayal of a seemingly failed and troubled community.

TEDxManukau 2017 allows us to showcase the incredible ‘ideas worth spreading’ that South Auckland is generating. And in doing so, we hope to positively challenge the external opinion of South Auckland – we will test its stereotypes, interrupt its misconceived reputation and gently disturb at least one perception you might have about how things are in South Auckland.

Join us for a day of wonder and delight, celebrating ideas to disturb our small, yet cherished, part of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

When & Where

Date and Time
Saturday, 15 July 2017
10:00am – 5.00pm

AUT South Campus
640 Great South Road, Manukau
Auckland 2025

$82.00 (inc GST)  General admission
$40.00 (inc GST)  Residents of Manukau and students
(please note that numbers are limited)

Event Team

TEDxManukau is brought to you by an organising team made up of Alex Twigg (Licensee), Corinne Tan, Holly Sharples, Lynne Armstrong, Mary Bradley, Nadeeth Lansakara, Nicholas Harvey, Peter McGlashan, Quincy Filiga, Rajan Wadhera, Regina Yhonjan, Ruth Larsen, Sarah Longbottom, Tofia Vao.