About TEDxManukau 2015

To be inspired is wonderful, but to inspire is truly incredible. Our South Auckland community is full of warm, enthusiastic, energetic people who are doing great work, often in difficult circumstances.  Their stories are entertaining, innovative and motivating – they are humbling and they are inspiring!  Welcome to TEDxManukau.

TEDxManukau ‘Bright Spots: Inspiring ideas; transforming lives’ is about telling stories and sharing ideas about the incredible work that is often not seen in relation to South Auckland. Seemingly ‘ordinary’ South Aucklanders quietly doing the extraordinary; helping other South Aucklanders fulfil their potential to live full and healthy lives, breaking out from the systems that trap and reinforce poverty and social dependency.

Humbled by the selfless ideals of others, TEDxManukau brings together 11 ‘Bright Spots’ from South Auckland; social innovators who are focused on the part of the failing system they are seeking to address.   All have expressed strong support for the idea of building connections with the people of South Auckland who are also working to improve our system.

TEDxManukau provides an ideal platform to showcase local ideas and bring people together – social innovators and people with both formal and informal authority – to listen to, participate in, and be inspired by the ideas and work already happening across South Auckland; ideas that give cause for hope and belief for the preferred future of health and well being; of  meaning, dignity and community – for all of South Auckland.

Active participation

TEDxManukau provides an opportunity for South Auckland Bright Spots to talk about their inspiring ideas that are transforming lives.  But TEDxManukau is not just about hearing inspirational stories from the most amazing speakers; it also provides an opportunity to build on the momentum started by the speakers; stimulating new ideas and insights through the facilitated break out sessions.

The sessions, “Bright Sparks”, will allow participants to create new ‘sparks’ that can result in social change… and perhaps be the Bright Spot speakers at future TEDxManukau events.

Each Bright Sparks session will be facilitated using a mix of rapid ideation and desk prototyping in relation to design challenges across the food, employment and service delivery systems. We aim to develop at least 10 concepts that people can continue working on after the event.

About Our Event
When & Where

Date and Time
Monday, 31 August 8.30 am – 5.00 pm


Ko Awatea Centre,

Middlemore Hospital,

100 Hospital Road,

Auckland 1640


Bright Spots: inspiring ideas; transforming lives

Event Team

TEDxManukau is brought to you by an organising team made up of Alex Twigg (licensee), Debi Higson, Lucia Die-Gil, Jason Ranston, Lynne Armstrong, Nicola Wilson, Josh Mens, Megan Vasey, Holly Sharples, Sarah Longbottom, and Waikare Komene enabled by our fantastic partners!