About Our Event
When & Where

Date and Time
Saturday 11 June 2016
10:00am – 4:15pm

Ko Awatea Centre,
Middlemore Hospital,
100 Hospital Road,
Auckland 1640


Like a child blowing a dandelion, curious as to where each floret will land, TEDxManukau provides you with an opportunity for uninhibited thought, curious as to where each notion of a new idea may take you. 

Being held on Saturday 11 June 2016 at the Ko Awatea Centre at Middlemore Hospital, TEDxManukau allows you to explore realities, realise potential, and be inspired to act. You will hear ideas, and the stories behind those ideas, from ordinary South Aucklanders, who are doing extraordinary things to make their community the remarkable place it is to live, love and work in. Some ideas will be big, some small. But you can be certain they will be inspiring and you will discover the era or possibility that exists for our future. 

Event Team

TEDxManukau is brought to you by an organising team made up of Alex Twigg (licensee), Lucia Die-Gil, Jason Ranston, Lynne Armstrong, Clare Nelson, Sarah Longbottom, Peter McGlashan, Waikare Komene, Sully Paea, Tofia Vao, Josh Mens, Megan Vasey, Holly Sharples, Va’a Lisone, Jasmine Jenke, and Mary Bradley.


With grateful thanks to Kate Hurst, Tigilau Ness, Tommy Nee Nee, Elizabeth Powell, Riki Nia Nia and Gael Surgenor. We are enabled by our fantastic sponsors.