Ko Taheke te awa

Ko Nukutawhiti te Tangata

Ko Ngatokimatawhaurua te Waka

Ko Hokianga te Moana

Ko Tahekeroa te Marae

Ko Nga Puhi te Iwi

Ko Ngati Pakau te Hapu

Ko Leonard Duke Paul Ahau

Leonard was born in Thames 1982 and raised in Kerepehi. He moved to Mangere, South Auckland in 1985 and did most of his schooling there.

Leonard is the father of 4 beautiful children and lucky enough to step father another 3 amazing children.

Just after leaving school he got into writing his own lyrics, drumming on anything but a drum just to get a beat or an idea. He used to hum to himself just to feel a rhythm. When he discovered that you could make beats using your mouth he then started beatboxing.

Music plays a great part in his life. It is his healer, his voice, his salvation.