TEDxManukau Performer Sheldon Rua

People often ask “how did he get that way?” “What makes him different from every other young person?” The  answer? Nothing really, except his perspective on life.

Born and raised in the heart of South Auckland, 17 year old Sheldon Rua aspires to inspire, encourage and to motivate. Currently attending Alfriston College as a Year 12 student Sheldon has lived a life more than many 50 year olds. From gigging in pubs and clubs as a keyboardist in a band from the age of 13 to recently dancing at local, regional and international hip-hop events, to speaking at local community events as well as regional and national conferences, Sheldon carries himself with confidence and style that he would call “me just being me”.

He is a firm believer in establishing paradigms that are congruent with personal belief systems aiding in the development of each other. He also believes that to fully accept and understand a person, assumptions can never be made, but rather an open heart and the willingness to engage with people, are vital.

His hope is that in his few minutes spent with you, it will help you understand more of his perspective through creative expression, and that you take something of value from what he has to share.

Be an open mind, be an open heart!


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Reciprocate: https://www.facebook.com/Reciprocate.AC (School Band)

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